Sapienstutoring is an online platform which encompasses a community of learners with hundreds of questions and tutors willing to share their knowledge with the striving ones. Here we provide help which can make a big difference to your learning.

– Is this website safe for children?

– We follow the guidelines of child protection policy, so that you can be sure this website is safe for younger students.

– Who are the tutors?

– Our tutors are not only qualified experts in their respective subjects, but also passionate educators. Majority of them are working teachers, practising lecturers and university post-graduates. They work online from various locations ensuring flexible approach to tutoring.

– What happens if I’m not satisfied with the lesson?

– Such occasions when your expectations don’t meet reality are rarity, but if you happen to be unhappy with your tutor session, we will provide a refund.

– Is it required to sign any long-term contract?

– There is no need to do that. We provide our services on pay as you go basis.

Do I need to use headphones or a headset?

We advise to use headphones so that you avoid any disturbances with echo or additional noises which may distract you during the session.

I feel worried about money in my account.

– The money you pay into your account is safe with a trusted third-party payment provider. Therefore, we don’t keep your account details on our website.

Why is this service paid

– Online tutors provide their valuable professional expertise and skills, so you are paying for their professional knowledge, just as with a traditional private tutor. The main difference is here you pay for your learning time by minutes, making it more efficient.

– I am a tutor and I want to join you.

– If you want to become a part of our family, let us know using the “Contact us” form. Please keep in my mind that the final decision concerning your qualification rests with sapienstutoring.com.